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Dimitri PERCIA DAVID is Managing Director and Consultant at SWISS-INTELLIGENCE.INFO. He is a result oriented professional with extensive experiences of market intelligence and statistical forecasting. During his career he gained wide exposure to multi-disciplinary teams, including intelligence services, applied research units and academics.

As a former Intelligence Analyst of a top-tier trade house, his research axes present a pragmatic and applied approach that he developed during his experience in the industry. With a strong experience in Applied Econometrics, his quantitative hard skills complement the qualitative approach established during his previous academic studies in Political Science and Economics.

As a scientific collaborator at the Military Academy of ETH, and researcher at HEC Lausanne (PhD candidate in Information Systems), his goal is to provide relevant novelties in the field of Critical Infrastructures Protection (CIP), Economics of Cyber Security and Defense Economics – for both the academic and the security policy fields.

His research axes are:

  • Economics of Cyber Security
  • Critical Infrastructures Protection (CIP)
  • Political Economy of CIP
  • Information Security Policies
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Resilience and Business Continuity
  • Defense Economics
  • Economic warfare

Dimitri is also a Cavalry Officer aspiring to the role of Company Commander (Captain) in the Swiss Armed Forces, with a former role of platoon leader of a recon unit (key role in the field for gathering relevant information for military intelligence services).

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