Grégoire Chambaz

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Grégoire CHAMBAZ is Consultant and head of long-term prospective studies at SWISS-INTELLIGENCE.INFO.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 22.10.22He owns a Bachelor of Geography (BSc) from the University of Lausanne. After two years of close study in jihadism and warfare in the Middle-East, he switched his focus to long-term prospective in the energy and climate fields. He is assistant editor for the Revue Militaire Suisse (RMS), the second oldest military review in Europe (established 1956).

He authored a number a pieces on the Syrian conflict, the military of so-called Islamic state and Boko Haram, the Swiss special forces, and prospective views of various authors. He gave lectures, among a few others, at the Saint-Cyr French military academy, the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (Paris), the Geneva university, the Szeged university (Hungary).

His current focus aims at establishing a comprehensive picture of the long-terms trends in relation with Switzerland’s security policy. His area of expertise includes:

  • Long-term prospective
  • Energy security
  • Climate security
  • Resilience and Business Continuity
  • Warfare in the Middle-East
  • Fighting analysis of jihadi armed groups
  • Video analysis
  • Syrian and Iraqian confict
  • Military history

Grégoire is also an intelligence officer for the Swiss armed forces, with the rank of captain. He was previously staff officer and platoon leader in the first response troops.

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